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Anonymous asked: Red Carpet still not release..just ask if you know why? TQ

No, there really hasn’t been any news about it in a while. :( Naver just says it’s slated for a 2014 release.


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M Magazine Volume 51 - Chansung as Daeyoon in ‘Red Carpet’
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Anonymous asked: Do you know when Red Carpet will release in cinema? Also 5 Deoksuri Brothers. TQ

There’s no exact date for either movie yet, but Red Carpet is set to be released in March and 5 Brothers of Deoksuri is set to be released sometime in the second half of the year.

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140124 - Chansung with CSUnion’s coffee/tea/catering support for ‘5 Brothers of Deoksuri’ (through Coffee Roasting Mr. Kim)

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140124 @2PMagreement211 - Thank you!!!! Euhihi Soogeunie gained strength!!! pic.twitter.com/jUk4lHKNmE

CSUnion did their 2nd support project for ‘5 Brothers of Deoksuri’ during today’s filming ^^
Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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140113 @Moonjunwon - It was fun~~ Chansung-ah~~ Yoonho-ya^^ I luv yoou~~♥ In Tokyo~~ img.ly/xK0y pic.twitter.com/hPlCBuDY3z

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140112 @JYPE_JAPAN - The special event for the drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’ starring Chansung (2PM) ended without any problems! Did everyone enjoy it? Thank you for coming. Chansung also received lots of strength from all of you^^ Please support actor Chansung from now on, too! pic.twitter.com/hkJu7ipjOO

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140110 @2PMagreement211 - As expected, baked sweet potatoes [are best] for a night scene on a cold day deheh (or the dark sunglasses line because of the wrong lighting…) pic.twitter.com/ZatrDbtolA

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: Euheehee it’s warm

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